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Kinera Audio

Celest Gumiho

Celest Gumiho

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Kinera Audio Gumiho in ear headphones Kinera 10mm SPD ™ ( Square Planar Driver ) + 1BA
Impedance: 9 ohm
Sensitivity: 106+/- 1 dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Silver plated copper + Alloy pure copper Cable
3.5mm / 4.4mm Termination Plug Technical Specification

Shell Design

The design idea comes from the nine-tailed fox in the “Classic of Mountains and Seas”, which not only means auspiciousness, but also is graceful and luxurious, expressing nice expectations in the heart.

Gumiho has a 3D printing shell cavity. With the technique of 3D relief, finely engraved cloud patterns, depicting a lifelike scene of Gumiho stepping on the clouds and riding the wind. Black/silver cavity and high saturation color matching is the main tone. Pure white Gumiho texture as the starting point, golden auspicious cloud texture and red tail of Gumiho pattern are embellished, which fully reflect the Chinese color in the earphone cavity. Bright color matching and unique embossed patterns make the classic nine-tailed fox combine with modern aesthetics and trendy colors. The overall design strives to be simple and can reflect a sense of luxury.

It has unique cavity and smooth contour lines of the earphone shell. With the frosted process, it is carefully crafted, which can see the rigor of ingenuity.

The fashionable Chinese style not only stays in the earphone cavity, but also integrates into the outer packing. The illustration depicts elements such as totem auspicious clouds and ginkgo leaves are included to tell the story of Gumiho.

Kinera 10mm SPD ™ ( Square Planar Driver )

It adopts Kinera new generation of 10*10mm Square Planar Driver for bass. After testing hundreds of driver materials, at last our own planar material & mechanical design was achieved. It breaks through in the low-frequency limit of dynamic driver. With excellent transient response, the low frequency maintains a sense of depth and volume.

Kinera Custom BA Unit

Kinera Custom BA Driver is for high frequency. The sound is delicate and elegant, comfortable and durable. Combination with the middle and low frequency is natural and harmonious.

Tuning Concept

Gumiho has a shocking low frequency performance. For the first time, you will hear a speaker-like loose and natural in earphone, with texture, volume, and transient response. The mid-range vocals are clear and detailed.

Drawing on the frequency division concept of speakers, we adopted a tuned ultra-high frequency unit specially matched with the mid-low frequency driver to strengthen its extension. While maintaining the harmony and consistency of the sound, it brings a bright, pleasant and not harsh elegant treble.

What’s In The Box


Celest 221 Vocal Eartips ( White ) : Enhance treble, pleasing vocal
Celest 822 Eartips ( Black ) : Balanced and clear
Weight Of Earbuds

The weight of earbud is only 3.9± g each side, comfortable for wearing for a long time.
Nozzle size

Nozzle size is 5.5mm, select different eartips to hear more possible sound.
Package Contents

One pair of Celest Gumiho In-ear monitors.
One 3.5mm Silver plated copper + Alloy pure copper cable.
Six pairs ( 221 & 822 ) of Celest Custom ear tips.
Storage Bag.
Clean Brush.
User Manual.

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