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Fiio Q3S (AK4452 + MQA Upgraded Version) Portable Decoding Headphone Amplifier

Fiio Q3S (AK4452 + MQA upgrade version) Portable decoding amp
New control core XMOS XU316 Low power DAC AK4452 THX AAA 28x2 amp technology supports MQA format full decoding Double power supply system design New bundled kit RGB colorful indicator ADC volume adjustment Two levels of gain adjustable BASS enhanced support 2.5/3.5/4.4 mm audio interface.4mm音訊介面
Recommended reason:
1. Extraordinary powerful thrust ~ THX AAA 28x2 amp technology術
2. Leading the new trend of professional audio ~ Support full decoding of MQA format
3. Enjoy listening with rich audio details ~ High-end control chip XMOS XU3166
4. Revisit the classic professional decoding ~ professional DAC decoding AK44522
5. Choose from a variety of interfaces ~ Support 2.5/3.5/4.4mm audio interface面
6. Light up your heart ~ RGB colorful indicator燈
7. Listen to rich audio details ~ Two levels of gain and BASS boost
8. Fully support multi-scenario applications ~ Dual power supply system design

1. Between high and low ~ full of excellence
Q3 MQA version is equipped with a new generation of high-end XMOS XU316 independent control chip as a new trend of USB DAC platform. It adopts more advanced process technology and comes standard with 16 cores to bring higher performance processing power and lower operating power consumption. Support HD audio such as PCM 384kHz/32BitDSD256等高清音訊。
2. Well-tuned ~ classic and durable
Affected by the discontinuation of AKM audio chips and out of stock, the Q3 MQA version adopts the same series of AK4452. After repeated tuning, the decoding performance and various indicators are consistent with the Q3. The output power is slightly improved, and the classic reproduction charm is still extraordinary韻味依舊不凡。
3. Extraordinary ~ THX AAA 28x2 amp technology
Thanks to the THX AAA amp technology, the output power of the decoding amp can reach 330mW, and the Line IN mode can reach 370mW, and the powerful thrust is extraordinary.非同凡響。
4. Trendy new fashion ~ Support full decoding of MQA format
With the support of the powerful XMOS XU316, the unprecedented MQA decoding function is added. With the Full Decoder full decoding ability, you can get the whole process of MQA decoding and expansion in the process of using the playback software that supports MQA audio.碼和展開。
5. Colorful life ~ double power supply system design
Whether it is a mobile portable or a static office, under the design of the dual power supply system, the power supply system can be quickly switched through the Charge switch at the bottom to better match the diversified scenarios of PC and mobile ports. When using AUX IN, a single comprehensive battery life can be up to At 23h+USB IN, a single comprehensive battery life can reach 12h+綜合續航可達12h+。
CHARGE ON ~ USB power supply while charging suitable for computer decoding碼
CHARGE OFF ~ Disconnect USB power supply and convert to battery power supply suitable for mobile phone decoding解碼
*Support UAC1.0 driver-free mode to connect switch and other devices more convenient便
6. Experience Upgrade ~ New Bundle Design
The newly designed bundling kit optimizes the operating experience during bundling. The innovative X-shaped bundling strap almost no longer blocks the mobile phone display, bringing an excellent touch operation experience.綁錯位的作用。
7. Such a smooth experience ~ from precise ADC volume adjustment
In order to make every volume adjustment penetrate deep into your heart, the ADC curve reconstruction method not only effectively solves the volume left and right bias and noise problems, but also greatly improves the accuracy of volume adjustment and brings an unprecedented smooth experience. Make the volume just right,讓音量剛剛好。
8. Colorful and cool ~ RGB colorful indicator
The colorful RGB indicator not only looks outstanding, but also indicates the current song specification and sampling rate速率。
PCM blue
DSD green
MQA magenta
9. Hear more details ~ Two levels of gain and BASS boost
There are two gain buttons and BASS enhancement buttons at the bottom, which can be freely selected according to different audio styles to listen to richer audio details and atmosphere. The pure hardware BASS amplifier circuit can have up to 6dB without affecting the high frequency curve. bass boost的低音提升。
Short press the GAIN button to switch between high and low gain in a circle. Lights on for high gain and off for low gain低增益。
10. Fun by me ~ Rich audio interface
Provide 3.5mm single-ended output interface and 2.5/4.4mm balanced output interface to adapt to a variety of headphone plugs在你心。
11. Abundant accessories
USB A-Type-C data cable*1/Lightning-Type-C data cable*1/ Type-C-Type-C data cable*1/3.5mm-3.5mm recording cable*1/ X-type silicone strap* 1/Silicone strap long*2/Silicon strap short*2/Silicone non-slip pad*1/After-sale maintenance card*1/Quick start guide*1導書*1
Product size is about 105mm x 59mm x 12.5mmm
Product weight about 110gg
DAC chip AK44522
Headphone amp circuit THX AAA 28x22
Decoding Specification PCM384k/DSD256/MQAA
Output interface 2.5/3.5/4.4mm audio interface面
Battery capacity 1800mAh輸
Output power PO160mW (32Ω/ BAL330mW (UAC mode 32Ω/ BAL370mW (Line IN mode 32Ω)模式 32Ω)
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