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FiiO Q7 DSD512 MQA Balanced Portable HiFi Desktop DAC/Headphone Amplifier with ES9038PRO/THX AAA 788+ amp Designed, Optical/USB/Coaxial /

  • 【Desktop-level power】: The Q7 features desktop-level amplification with 100% more power under DC power supply in “Enhanced over-ear headphone mode” - up to 3000mW* of power.
  • 【Desktop-grade decoding】:16-core XMOS XU316: dual audio clocks, ultra-low latency, 768K, DSD512 and MQA full decoding; High-end DAC ES9038PRO: 4 channels connected in parallel for one differential output, for excellent resolution
  • 【Desktop-tier THX AAA 788+ amp】:The THX AAA 788+ amp originally designed for desktop usage is featured in a 4-way truly balanced amplifier circuit. With five levels of mixed gain, the Q7 can effortlessly power all kinds of headphones for a pure listening experience.
  • 【Desktop-caliber power supply】:Dual power supply modes, the Q7 can be operated in either DC or battery-powered modes. Providing endless reserves of power in order to maintain stable, high-quality audio at all times.
  • 【FiiO digital control core】: To further enhance sound quality, the digital and analog sections are physically separated on different boards with shield covers to achieve an extremely pure sound for a superb listening experience.
  • 【Full color】:The Q7 features a 1.3-inch full-color display that lets you quickly know information such as audio format and sampling rates with just a simple glance.
  • 【Desktop-level connectivity】The Q7 is equipped to handle any situation - with USB, optical and coaxial inputs; 2 single-ended (6.35mm and 3.5mm) and 2 balanced outputs (4.4mm and 2.5mm); and also LO output
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