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Rose RA180 integrated amplifier

RA180 Integrated Amplifier 4ch x 200w

Technical Specifications

Amplifier Output 4 Ohms 200W x 4ch (800W)
8 Ohms 200W x 4ch (880W)
BTL Mode On 400W x 2ch (400W) 400W x 2ch
Input Sensitivity Balanced Input 2000mV 200W x 4ch
Unbalanced (Line 1, 2, 3) Input 1000mV 200W x 4ch
Phono (MC/MM) Input 5mV / 0.5mV 200W x 4ch
Impedance Input Balanced Input 44k Ohms
Unbalanced (Line 1, 2, 3) Input 47k Ohms
Phono (MM/MC) Input 47k Ohms
Bandwidth (0dBr +- 3dB / 8 Ohm) Speaker Output 10Hz - 90kHz 100W x 2ch
H/F Speaker Output 10Hz - 90kHz 100W x 2ch
Frequency Response (1W, 0 +- 1dB / 8 Ohm) Speaker Output 10Hz - 90kHz 1W x 2ch
H/F Speaker Output 10Hz - 90kHz 1W x 2ch
THD Measure Balanced and Unbalanced (Line 1, 2, 3) Input 0.005% (50W) 200W x 4ch
Damping Factor Speaker and H/F Speaker Output >150 200W x 2ch
Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N) BTL / Balanced, Unbalanced / Phono MM, MC 107dB / 105dB / 80dB (MM), 60dB (MC) 200W x 4ch
Impedance Output Speaker Output 53m Ohm 200W x 4ch
Subsonic Filter with On/Off Switch -3dB 50Hz 1W x 4ch
Tone Control with On/Off Switch Bass (100Hz) / Treble (10kHz) +- 15dB 1W x 2ch (Speaker Output)
X-Over with On/Off Switch HPF (-3dB) 600Hz - 6kHz 1W x 2ch (H/F Speaker Output)
Phono Turnover Flat
300Hz (+7.7dB @100Hz)
400Hz (+11.7dB @100Hz)
500Hz (+13dB @ 100Hz) RIAA
700Hz (+14.5db @ 100hz)
Roll-Off Flat
1.6kHz (-16dB @ 10kHz)
2.1kHz (-13.7dB @ 10kHz) RIAA
3.18kHz (-11dB @ 10kHz
3.4kHz (-8dB @ 10kHz)
6.36kHz (-5dB @ 10kHz)
Design Size 430mm x 350mm x 110mm
Weight 16.7kg
Body High Purity Aluminium
Power Power SMPS (800W) Maximum Output: 1100w
Voltage AC100-230v, 50 / 60Hz Standby Mode Power Consumption: >0.5w
Audio In / Out on Rear Trigger Trigger Voltage Can be turned On: 3.3v - 12v
Remote Control IR Input 38kHz Infrared Ray (Within 10m of operating distance)
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