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TEAC PD-505T CD Transport Silver

TEAC PD-505T CD Transport Silver

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TEAC PD-505T CD Transport Silver Dedicated CD drive design improves on the drive developed for the TEAC CD-5020A
The CD-5020A is a TEAC original drive that we are proud to have developed. This his has been used for professional applications because of its durability and reliability. Based on the CD drive design used in the CD-5020A, we developed a new design optimized for the PD-505T.

Semi-floating mounting
The entire CD mechanism is mounted in a semi-floating state that is not completely fixed to the chassis of the unit. This design, developed with meticulous care, prevents feedback that can have a negative impact on CD reading by preventing the transmission of vibrations generated by the spindle motor and actuator to the chassis and causing sympathetic vibrations. At the same time, in order to eliminate impact on the audio quality from dampers used when mounting drive components, we also designed locations where we employed rigid attachment methods, for example, and considered overall vibration modes in making a structure that employs both rigid and flexible aspects. By doing so, we have realized CD reading that is more accurate and maintains a higher level of purity.

Drive control circuit with a new design
Seeking an even higher level, we designed a new drive control circuit for the CD mechanism. By controlling the spindle motor with gentle feedback to create a natural rotating state, we have realized an even more unaffected and open sound. Furthermore, BTL drive, which does not generate switching noise, is utilized, starting with the spindle and also including the actuator that drives the pickup lens. This eliminates minute impacts on signal reading and increases the purity of the signal.

Discrete power circuits use toroidal core transformers
Toroidal core transformers are used for the power supplies. Furthermore, power supplies are separated for the OLED display, the CD drive and microcomputer circuit, and the audio circuit, with dedicated secondary coils and rectifiers for each. In consideration of the audio quality, independent discrete power circuits are used for the CD drive, the microcomputer and the audio circuit.

Crystal-oscillator-based internal clock with low-phase noise used
With digital connections, the clock precision of upstream devices can affect the quality of the entire system. A low-phase-noise crystal oscillator, which has outstanding phase noise characteristics, is used for the internal clock of the PD-505T. By reading CD signals based on a high-precision standard clock, the original sound stored on the CD can be accurately output digitally.

10MHz external clock input
The sound can be enhanced further by inputting an even higher precision clock signal from an external source. Moreover, in a digital playback system, not only can audio quality be enhanced by increased upstream precision, building an even higher level digital system becomes possible through, for example, clock synchronization with a DAC.

Hardware Design
All-metal enclosure provides both vibration resistance and a stylish appearance in an A4 footprint that can fit on a desk Since the entire body is constructed from metal panels that are resistant to external noise, intrusion of electromagnetic noise generated by computers and other devices is suppressed. This achieves a clean internal environment with little noise even in conditions that are difficult for audio equipment. Furthermore, the 8mm-thick aluminum panels, which cover both sides of the all-metal chassis, provide an installation structure that does not unnecessarily twist or bend the chassis or front and back panels, realizing a strong and precise form. Moreover, with the size of an A4 page (viewed from above), the unit can be placed on a desk, side table or other small space.

Original Stressless Foot with three support points employed
Our newly-developed original Stressless Foot design with three support points enables stable placement so that it is not impacted by slight irregularities in the surface beneath it. Compared to those used in previous designs, these feet are only partially fixed to the chassis. This design was developed based on the concept that by allowing the feet to vibrate freely, more natural sound reverberations could be achieved. Rather than being attached firmly, these machined steel feet are installed so they are loosely connected to the bottom of the unit. While maintaining a sense of placement like that of the pin-point spiked feet used by previous models, this design enables more natural rich reverberations.

Semi-floating top panel
A semi-floating top panel design is utilized. The top panel is not tightened to the chassis with screws. Instead, it is partially fixed, secured only by the side panels, realizing a sound instilled with an open feeling.

What's in the box
AC cord
Remote control (RC-1338)
AAA batteries x2
Foot pads x3
Owner's Manual

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