Aiyima A01 PRO

Aiyima A01 PRO

Many bloggers have tested the Aiyima A01 Pro amplifier with inexpensive speakers priced at 100-200 euros. Today, I tested the Aiyima A01 Pro amplifier with Klipsch RP-600M2 and Magnat Signature 703 speakers, which cost around 800 euros. Later, I will tell you how this small amplifier, priced at $69, sounds with speakers that are ten times more expensive. The amplifier is well-built and housed in a metal casing. The front panel features tone controls for adjusting bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. There is also a smooth volume knob that clicks lightly when turned. On the front panel, you can find a switch for power and mode selection. In this case, it is in the "off" position, the second position is for Bluetooth, and the third is for RCA connection.

You can connect to this amplifier in two ways. Firstly, there is Bluetooth connectivity. Inside the amplifier, there is a high-quality Qualcomm QCC3034 chip that supports signal reception up to aptX HD, making it a full-fledged Hi-Res solution. The second method of connection is through RCA connectors. With these, you can connect your computer, phone, CD player, or any other device according to your preference. Additionally, on the rear panel of the amplifier, there are two high-quality connectors for connecting the speakers. The connectors are small but durable and appear reliable. They can easily accommodate standard banana plugs, and I don't feel any looseness or movement. In summary, the amplifier is built with great quality and durability.

The amplifier delivers two 80-watt channels, and the power is provided by two American chips from Texas Instruments - TPA 3116. Both chips operate in bridge mode, which is why they output two 80-watt channels. However, the standard power supply for this amplifier has a voltage of 24 volts and a power of 4 amps, totaling 96 watts. In other words, in order to unleash the full power potential of this small amplifier, it is necessary to acquire a more powerful power supply.

I would also like to mention that this amplifier features an excellent preamp, which is a preamplifier. Using the 3.5mm jack, you can obtain a high-quality signal that has already passed through a good tone control. This means you can adjust the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. Additionally, you can connect an external power amplifier or a subwoofer to this amplifier if needed. This also opens up the possibility of using this small amplifier as a Bluetooth receiver for your audio system.

Well, tell me where else can you find a Bluetooth receiver for $69 that supports aptX HD, which is a full-fledged hi-res audio, and has a built-in tone control for adjusting the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies? In my opinion, it's really hard to find something similar.

Another interesting feature of the Aiyima A01 Pro is that you can change the operational amplifiers, thereby altering the quality and character of the sound. Although I personally haven't tried it myself as I didn't want to dismantle this beautiful little casing, such a possibility exists.

Please note that the amplifier comes with rubber feet as an anti-vibration feature to reduce unwanted vibrations.

Furthermore, the use of two Texas Instruments chips in dual-mono amplification mode inside the Aiyima A01 Pro amplifier adds a touch of high-end quality. This allows for more precise and high-quality sound reproduction. The dual-mono approach is a common practice in high-class audio devices and helps improve channel separation and minimize cross-channel interference.

Indeed, the presence of two Texas Instruments chips operating in dual-mono mode in the Aiyima A01 Pro amplifier truly indicates its proximity to the High-End concept and speaks to the high-quality sound it can deliver.

I would like to highlight the performance of the Bluetooth receiver in the Aiyima A01 Pro because it is outstanding. Usually, when testing amplifiers with built-in Bluetooth, the sound quality is not that great. I mean, it plays something, but in the Aiyima A01 Pro, Bluetooth works exceptionally well. I also tried it with an external source like a CD player. I have a small Denon player here, and when paired with the Aiyima's Bluetooth, it sounds absolutely fantastic. I even connected it as a Bluetooth receiver to a more expensive amplifier that costs around 10 times more than the Aiyima. And you know what? The Bluetooth receiver in the expensive amplifier, compared to the Aiyima, performs worse, much worse, and you can hear the difference immediately. So, the Bluetooth receiver in the Aiyima A01 Pro is simply amazing!

I strongly advise against connecting this amplifier to your computer using the 3.5mm audio jack as it will degrade the sound quality. It's best to use a USB transmitter that, like this amplifier, supports the aptX HD codec. This way, you can transmit your Hi-Res audio from the computer to the amplifier without any loss and achieve high-quality sound.

Interestingly, this small amplifier has enough power to drive large speakers because both Klipsch and Magnat are the largest models in their respective company's lineup. The amplifier definitely has sufficient power, even with the original power supply, to throw a full-fledged party at your home.

The amplifier delivers excellent sound quality over Bluetooth, and I have the impression that the sound is even better than when connecting a CD player through the analog input. I'm not sure why this is the case, but it might be due to the presence of hi-res Bluetooth that supports aptX HD, which is crucial for high-quality sound reproduction.

I have listened to a wide range of music genres on this amplifier: rock, classic rock, jazz, instrumental music, vocal music, and even eurodance. I can tell you one thing: this amplifier is not suitable for playing heavy metal.

The issue is that when playing heavy metal, this amplifier smooths out the bass structure of the musical composition, and you simply cannot hear the bass detail that is present in the recording. The vocal and upper ranges are fine even for heavy metal, but if you want to hear everything that's there, then this amplifier is likely not suitable.

Interestingly, when listening to classic rock, this issue is not observed. This indicates that the playback speed of this amplifier is average, which is normal because 99% of the amplifiers I test cannot accurately reproduce the bass texture, especially in heavy metal. It's challenging even for very expensive and high-quality amplifiers.

I used modern recordings and performances of Rammstein as a test for listening to heavy metal.

Interestingly, when listening to jazz, saxophone recordings, and calm music, the amplifier has a very warm and smooth sound character, creating a comfortable atmosphere. At the same time, it has enough energy for listening to Eurodance and pop music. It fills the room with energy to the brim, and that is truly great.

One exceptional feature of this $69 amplifier is that when listening to well-recorded tracks, you can hear a layering of sound in depth. Musicians and instruments seem like sound sources placed within the listening area. On good recordings, you can hear around 3 to 4 apparent sound sources. Which $69 amplifier can boast such depth of sound staging? It may be a basic amplifier, but it is still capable of creating apparent sound sources.

That's why it is not recommended to connect this amplifier to speakers in the price range of 100-200 euros. Speakers in this price category won't be able to convey the depth of staging and apparent sound sources that can be heard with this amplifier. Good speakers are required for a complete sound reproduction.

I listened to the composition "Q-Zone Percussion Group," which is characterized by rich bass and percussion sounds. This little amplifier reproduces it wonderfully. It's an excellent option available for just $69, and if you're lucky, you might even find it cheaper. Recently, I saw it priced at only $52 on the official website. By the way, I also ordered it from the official website, and it arrived in Riga in just three days. I'm located in Europe.


The article discusses a review of the Aiyima A01 Pro amplifier, highlighting its impressive sound quality and features. It mentions the use of dual Texas Instruments chips in a dual mono configuration, which contributes to high-end audio reproduction. The Bluetooth receiver is praised for its excellent performance, surpassing built-in Bluetooth capabilities in other amplifiers. However, it notes that the amplifier may not be suitable for heavy metal music due to a slight bass smoothing effect. Overall, the amplifier is commended for its warm sound and ability to create an immersive audio experience.

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