Kiwi Ears Quintet

Kiwi Ears Quintet

Ladies and gentlemen, today I have in my hands a pair of headphones that, according to the manufacturer, will let us experience music like never before. Introducing the Kiwi Quintet! These premium headphones promise an extraordinary listening experience, so let's dive in and see if they live up to the hype.
Let's start with the technical specs. The Kiwi Quintet boasts a unique combination of four types of drivers, including a 10-millimeter dynamic driver with DLC coating, two balanced armature drivers from Knowles, a planar magnetic driver, and micro planar transducers for bone conduction (PZT). With this extraordinary driver setup, each earphone is equipped with five drivers, providing exceptional sound resolution comparable to professional studio monitors.
As you might have noticed, Kiwi Ears collaborated with the renowned driver manufacturer Knowles, a leader in producing balanced armature drivers. Originally designed for hearing aids and other critical applications, these drivers offer enhanced fidelity, realism, and detail compared to traditional dynamic drivers. They are incredibly small and lightweight, delivering greater output with lower power consumption.

The most intriguing element of the Kiwi Quintet is the new micro planar transducers (MPT) system for bone conduction. These tweeters offer low noise, high efficiency, and crisp high frequencies, enhancing sound resolution and texture. The MPT drivers were developed by Kiwi Ears to address the challenge of high-quality ultra-high frequencies, providing a frequency range from 4kHz to 40kHz with natural tonal texture and harmonious integration. For full technical specifications, please check the link in the description.
Kiwi Quintet promises a balanced tonal sound, combining the best qualities of each driver type - impactful bass, neutral mids, detailed highs, and an expansive soundstage. Thus, the sound should be perfectly balanced and precise, delivering the essence of the music without any compromise. But does it really deliver on this promise?

Now, let's talk about how I experienced the sound with the Fiio KA3 DAC. Incredibly spacious and three-dimensional sound is the first thing that leaves a vivid impression. The sound envelops and captivates you, as if you're front-row at a concert. The soundstage is comparable to large, open-back planar magnetic headphones, renowned for their airy sound. This is a very high level of HI-FI audio. By the way, note that at low volume, the headphones might lack a bit of bass, so I had to activate the Bass Booster. But when you raise the volume to medium, the bass becomes powerful, precise, and fast, which will delight fans of dynamic and punchy delivery. The Bass Booster can be turned off.
Instrumental, vocal pieces, and well-recorded classic rock sound simply stunning. Each note stands out distinctly and voluminously. Vocals and high frequencies in instrumental music are rendered with extraordinary detail and naturalness. String instruments sound bright and rich. I believe these headphones are particularly great for learning foreign languages, as all the nuances of speech are crystal clear, allowing you to grasp more subtleties. Overall, the presentation is exceptional with great texture and clarity.

But there are some downsides to this magnificent pair of headphones. If you have low-quality recordings in your collection, Kiwi Quintet will mercilessly reveal all their flaws. Poor recordings can become unbearable. Unfortunately, pop music and popular genres often suffer from poor audio quality, so be cautious if that's your favorite domain.
The build quality is top-notch. The headphones look expensive and stylish without being ostentatious. Each pair of Kiwi Quintet headphones is handcrafted, ensuring maximum quality and a unique charm. The fit is snug, and after a few minutes, you forget you're wearing them, immersing yourself entirely in the music.

Lastly, let's mention the interchangeable cables. Kiwi Quintet comes with a 2-pin 0.78 connector, allowing you to use various cables. In my package, there was a high-quality 3.5mm jack OFC cable with silver-plated copper for excellent signal purity, and the over-ear hooks provided comfort. The four-core, braided, soft, and flexible cable measures 1.2 meters. When placing your order, you can choose a Lighting cable for iPhones or a USB C.

In conclusion, the Kiwi Quintet headphones offer an astonishing blend of speed, accuracy, and voluminous sound, making them an excellent choice for thrill-seekers and discerning audiophiles seeking outstanding sound quality. Kiwi Quintet will leave you impressed, but be prepared for different aspects of their sound. They genuinely sound distinct from others. They can give you a musical ecstasy, but you might have to pay the price for recording quality. The choice is yours, and it's a worthy product that's worth every penny.

At PremiumHIFI Studio, the Kiwi Quintet was delivered within three days from placing the order - remarkably fast. If you want to experience vibrant, high-quality sound with that extra something, go ahead and order the Kiwi Quintet through the link in the description. Until we meet again!

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