OneOdio Monitor 60 Hi-Res headphones

OneOdio Monitor 60 Hi-Res headphones

The company OneOdio claims that their Monitor 60 headphones are perfect for DJs and audiophiles. Well, I can't speak for DJs, but I can definitely vouch for audiophiles. Let's dive in and see if this holds true. Is it really so?

The OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones come presented in an elegant black box with a premium feel. The box proudly displays the Hi-Res logo, positioned neatly in the corner. Overall, the packaging leaves a delightful and genuinely premium impression. Inside the box, you'll find the headphones themselves, three pairs of wires of varying lengths with different plugs, and a rather attractive carrying pouch for these headphones.

Now, here's where the magic happens. Pulling the fabric tab, you open the box to reveal a sight to behold. The wires I mentioned earlier are neatly arranged, and there, right in front of you, is the carrying pouch adorned with the company's logo. It's quite convenient.

Moving on, the build quality of the headphones is quite impressive. Despite their price of just 76 euros at the time of this review, they are made with quality in mind. They are crafted from ABS plastic. The headbands, of course, are adjustable. Inside the headbands, there's metal, likely for reinforcing the headband's durability. The headband is adorned with the "OneOdio" inscription and the company's logo, made from a soft material, probably eco-leather. The ear cushions on the headphones are rather thick and remind me of the cushions on the Sony MDR-XB1000 headphones – those were splendid headphones. The ear cups can move in various directions and fold up, making them easy to carry. The headphones have two jacks: 6.35 and 3.5. This means you can connect a wire with either type of plug. One peculiar aspect is that the 3.5 connector can fit any type, but it won't plug in here. Firstly, it's deeply recessed, and secondly, the connector has certain special notches and the like. In general, it's best to use original wires, or find a way to adjust your own. The headphones have a luxurious appearance. In fact, due to the mesh on them, you might get the false impression that they're open-back headphones. However, in reality, this mesh is purely decorative and has no bearing on whether the headphones are open or closed-back.

The labeling of the left and right sides of the headphones is a pleasant surprise. The eternal dilemma of figuring out which is right and which is left is resolved. Additionally, the "left" and "right" labels are duplicated on the earcups, which is quite convenient when putting them on. The headphones are soft, comfortable, and cozy. They exert no pressure, causing no discomfort. They slightly muffle ambient noises.

The included wires have average manufacturing quality. They're not luxury wires, but they're not the cheapest ones either, which often come with budget products. Interestingly, the headphones are equipped with 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets. Each ear has its own driver, of course. The frequency range of the headphones is from 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz. As I mentioned, they are Hi-Res certified. The impedance of the headphones is 32 ohms, and their sensitivity is 110 decibels. This means that the headphones aren't very demanding when it comes to the amplifier's power. I tested these headphones by connecting them to my mobile phone through the FiiO KA3 DAC/amp. This little DAC/amp provides sufficient power to fully drive these fairly large headphones.

In general, it's rare to find 50mm drivers in budget models. Usually, budget headphones feature 30mm or at most 40mm drivers. However, here we have a full 50mm. This should provide an abundance of bass in these headphones. And, you know, speaking of sound, I had to compare them with my own HIFiMAN HEXX droop edition headphones. By some incredible coincidence, just the day before yesterday, I spent the entire evening listening to my HIFiMAN HEXX droop edition headphones and, of course, I was using my little FiiO KA3 DAC/amp. I had connected it to my phone. Then, yesterday evening, quite unexpectedly, I received the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones, which were sent to me from China. They arrived approximately two weeks after I placed the order.

I put on the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones, start playing music, and there it is – the sound! Almost exactly like the Hi-Fi Man droop Edition, which used to cost (well, it's no longer available), retailing for around 350 euros. Can you imagine? That's more than a fivefold difference in price, if I'm not mistaken. Well, approximately fivefold.

Allow me to describe the sound to you. The first thing that strikes you when listening to the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones is the warmth and comfort, a kind of tube-like sound. In other words, they sound entirely analog, covering the entire frequency spectrum as indicated in the specifications – from 20 Hz to 40 kHz. It's true that I can't hear what they reproduce at 40,000 Hz, pardon me, I'm not a bat. But the bass here is ample, clear, articulate, and wonderful. I'd say the bass speed is slightly delayed, much like in Denon products. It's not overly fast, but at the same time, it doesn't prevent it from being articulated and powerful.

The vocal range is reproduced splendidly. Very articulate, clear, beautiful, transparent, and entirely natural. The high frequencies, cymbals, and all other nuances – various rustles, reverberations – are handled with precision, clarity, and distinctness. Well, just like the HIFiMAN HEXX droop edition. Everything sounds exactly the same. Except for two things.

The stage has sufficient depth here, well-layered and tiered. There's depth and a sense of layers. You hear the foreground, the background, and even the third, if present in the recording – you can perceive the apparent sound sources. Everything is in its right place. But when it comes to the spatial dimension you perceive in the OneOdio Monitor 60 compared to open-back planar magnetic headphones – it's slightly diminished. Yet, dear folks, it's entirely improper to make such a comparison since open and closed-back headphones inherently sound different. Open-back headphones have more spaciousness. In essence, they sound just like planar magnetics, but with a slightly reduced spatial dimension. However, I cannot claim that this spatiality is inadequate. It's wonderful. And when you factor in their price – 76 euros at the time of this review – it's simply astounding.

The second aspect is micro-detailing. It might not fully satisfy audiophiles. Just a tad, literally, one step down in micro-detailing compared to the HIFiMAN HEXX droop edition. But folks, let's return to the matter of price. 76 euros and 350 euros. That's a fivefold difference in price. A difference in sound quality is just one step. And, let me tell you, to achieve this level of micro-detailing with the HIFiMAN HEXX droop edition, you need to connect them not to this 99-euro FiiO KA3 DAC/amp, if I recall correctly, but to a specific Hi-END amplifier. Only then will you truly experience that sound. But, my friends, here, the combination of price and sound quality is simply extraordinary.

In conclusion, I must say that OneOdio has managed to leap above and beyond with the Monitor 60 headphones. Here's the recipe: a reliable and functional chassis, a high-quality 50mm driver that reproduces the full audio spectrum. These headphones are truly capable of delivering high Hi-Fi sound quality that would please almost any audiophile. Perhaps, audiophiles at an extremely high level might miss a bit of micro-detailing. But for me personally, micro-detailing isn't crucial. The sound is fantastic regardless – warm, comfortable, and pleasing.

I almost forgot to mention another exceptional feature of the Monitor 60 headphones. With them, you can share sound. While one jack serves as input, the other functions as output. So, when watching movies or listening to music, you can share the sound with your friend or significant other. It's a fantastic feature!

Order the OneOdio Monitor 60 using the link in the description if you want to experience high Hi-Fi sound quality at an incredibly reasonable price. Subscribers of the "Premium Hi-Fi" channel receive a 20% discount when ordering from the official website. Enter the promo code provided in the description to avail the discount. And that's all, my friends. Until we meet again!

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