Simgot EM6L in ear headphones

Simgot EM6L in ear headphones

Simgot EM6L are 3-way in-ear monitors with 5 drivers. The foundation of their sound is provided by an 8mm polymer dynamic driver with a powerful magnetic system for the low frequencies. The low-frequency driver features a dual-chamber system for improved sound quality. For the mids and highs, two pairs of balanced armature drivers are used. Precise tuning methods are employed to achieve not only a smooth frequency response but also phase coherence. The result is powerful deep bass, rich and emotional midrange, and superb high frequencies that sound smooth, bright, and without irritation.

The drivers and three-way filter are housed in an elegant black resin shell. The shell, along with three independent acoustic tubes and sound-absorbing elements, is 3D-printed. The faceplates are made of metal using mirror vacuum deposition "gun metal" technology. This design not only provides durability and reliability but also utilizes the finest irregularities on the surface of the resin inside the shell to effectively suppress standing waves. Each pair of headphones is hand-polished, giving Simgot EM6L a unique character.

The impedance of Simgot EM6L is 26 ohms ±15%. Sensitivity is 119 dB. The frequency range is from 8 Hz to 40,000 Hz. These headphones are Hi-Res certified, with an effective frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz. For a detailed technical description, please refer to the link in the description.

To create the EM6L headphones, Simgot conducted an extensive survey of 3D ear contour data from different people to create an ergonomic design. This ensures a high degree of conformity to the shape of the human ear. The combination of the lightweight EM6L shell and the cable's formed ear hooks provides a secure and comfortable fit, effectively reducing ear fatigue. You can fully enjoy your music without worrying about the headphones falling off.

EM6L is designed to achieve the H-2019 curve. Their exceptionally smooth frequency response characteristics provide accurate and faithful sound reproduction. They are comparable to the objective parameters of similar flagship headphones in the Hi-Fi industry, demonstrating outstanding acoustic performance and balanced sound. Simgot EM6L is adapted to sources of varying quality and strikes the perfect balance between Hi-Fi enthusiasts, professional monitoring, and gaming. Simgot EM6L is not only ideal for music listening but also serves as a powerful tool for professional musicians.

Testing was conducted with the FiiO KA3 DAC. The main feature of the sound is the excellent clarity of the entire frequency spectrum, even at very low volumes. This is important for people who don't always listen to music at high volumes. Vocals are notably upfront, and the music's texture is well-defined. The soundstage is rich with apparent sound sources and evenly layered. It has good volume. The sound is fast and musical. The bass is agile, working from the deepest levels and balancing well with the mids and highs. The highs are precise, not piercing but also not recessed - they naturally complement the overall picture. Once again, as with the Simgot EA500, I come to the conclusion that Simgot offers a superbly balanced sound, convenience, and high-quality craftsmanship.

Like the Simgot EA500, these headphones come with a convenient carrying case. By the way, delivery within Europe takes only 3 - 7 days. Order the Simgot EM6L using the link in the description to experience high-level balanced Hi-Fi sound.



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