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Advance Paris

AIR65 (Bt version)

AIR65 (Bt version)

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Advance Paris AIR65 (Bt version) Active speakers, bookshelf speakers

AIR65 (Bt version) The AIR 65 system is much more than a pair of amplified speakers, it is a true High Fidelity system for demanding audiophiles.
Equipped with a phono input, two digital inputs (optical and coaxial), two auxiliary inputs and a subwoofer output, the AIR 65 system shines by its versatility and allows the connection of a turntable, a flat screen or any other analog or digital auxiliary. The digital processing is provided by a Wolfson converter known for its musicality.

Nothing has been left to chance, whether it be the amplification or the speakers. The amplifier delivers a power of 2x55W with an instantaneous dynamic range of over 100W. The closed-loop design provides excellent power supply noise rejection ratio (PSRR) and lower signal switching rates, improving EMI performance.
Today’s highest programmable switching rates from 400 kHz to 1.2 MHz allow filter-free operation of inductors and freedom from interference for clear, distortion-free audio.

The specifications of the loudspeakers are very strict, the 25mm dome tweeter is equipped with a woven and treated membrane in order to ensure a clear and detailed reproduction in the highs. The woofer is a 13cm, its rubber suspension allows an excellent control of the movement of the treated paper membrane. The ferrite of good size is ventilated, it takes without problem the dynamics of the amplifier for a lively reproduction of the music.

We are evolving in an environment where dematerialized music, stored in various mobile devices (computers, tablets, smartphones and other portable players), is taking an increasingly important place in our daily lives. It can be accessed via Bluetooth aptX (Air65 Bluetooth version) or via wifi and Bluetooth (Air65 Connect version) by adding the WTX-Microstream network dongle. Colors
Black, Walnut, White / Light wood

Connect Pack
No (Bluetooth only), Yes (Includes a WTX-MicroStream)

Optical Input

Coaxial input

Analog RCA input

Phono input
MM (Moving Magnet)

Output for Subwoofer

Remote control

225 mm

170 mm

285 mm

Gross Weight
9,3 Kg

Net Weight
8,1 Kg

AAC, aptX, SBC

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