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Advance Paris

UX1 CD Player & Streamer

UX1 CD Player & Streamer

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Advance Paris UX1 CD Player & Streamer CD Player, dac, Network Player

UX1 CD Player & Streamer has been passionately designing products for demanding audiophiles for more than 20 years. The universal source UX1 is no exception to the rule. It will satisfy the lover of quality sound on all its sources. The doors of high definition audio will be open to him!

The UX1 is a network drive, a DAC, a CD player, a PC / MAC drive via its USB-B X-MOS asynchronous input and a digital DAB / DAB + and FM tuner. Whatever the files of your favorite music – PC or MAC computer, smartphone, tablet, network hard disk, NAS or CD disc, you could enjoy a sound quality of the highest level. “Without limit” was our philosophy regarding the design of our universal source. Our engineers have integrated the best technologies with the unique condition that the results obtained result in a soothing listening without aggressiveness of total purity. The audio output stage as well as the decoding part have been particularly cured. Signal conversion is supported by the AK4490 from AKM.

The AK4490 is part of a new generation of high-end 32-bit DACs based on AKM’s VELVET SOUND architecture, which has been widely adopted by established high-end audio companies. This technology delivers high-quality sound detail with its low-distortion architecture, in addition to 32-bit resolution digital filter processing. The AK4490 supports up to 768kHz PCM and 11.2MHz DSD (Direct Stream Digital), suitable for playback of high-resolution audio sources. Five digital filters are integrated in the DAC thus optimizing the sound reproduction. The AK4490EQ is suitable for converting high-resolution sound sources that the UX1 masters perfectly. Combined with our low audio stage, this low-distortion DAC (-112dB based on a signal-to-noise ratio of over 120dB) will increase your listening pleasure!

The network player part of the UX1 allows to manage the streaming services (Spotify, Qobuz …), several thousand local, national and global radios, reading your music stored locally on your computer or network drive. Compatible with Airplay and DLNA. Control of your network drive can be done via the ADVANCE PLAYSTREAM app that can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play. The UX1 has a CD player integrating the latest generation of servo Tamul ensuring a stable and qualitative playback of your CDs. The solution used combines a 16-bit processor and a 24-bit DSP. It supports CD, CD-R / RW, CD-DA (MP3 / WMA) playback.

Our universal source is also equipped with an USB-B X-MOS input for direct connection of your PC or MAC computer. This 32-bit / 8-core asynchronous “high-speed” input enables playback of all types of files up to DSD 5,6GHz. The X-Stream 9 can be set to a variable or fixed output in order to achieve a perfect match to the input level of your integrated amplifier. The volume is controlled via the remote control or via the device itself. The UX1 is also a DAC, it has 3 optical inputs and 2 optical inputs. In addition, our player has both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced analog stereo (RCA) stereo outputs as well as two optical and coaxial digital outputs.

The UX1 includes a Bluetooth Direct Digital (BDD) port for connecting our X-FTB01 digital Bluetooth receiver. This receiver incorporates the APTX which ensures CD quality on all your sources. Output level unbalanced: 2V
Balanced output level: 4V
Frequency response (+/-3dB): 20Hz…45kHz
Clearfactor: < 0.005%
Output resistance: 10 kΩ
Channel separation: > 100 dB
Signal to noise ratio: > 110 db
D/A converter: Asahi Kasei AK 4490 24 bit – 192 kHz
Digital audio transceiver: Asahi Kasei AK 4118 (PCM Receiver Interface)
Frequency range: FM: 87,5 – 108 MHz
USB audio: Receiver interface USB/DSD X-Mos XU208-256
DAB/DAB+: -100 dBm, 174,928 – 239,200 MHz (Band III)
Reception sensitivity FM: -108 dBm
Power connection: 115 or 230 V
Power consumption: max. 30W
Dimensions (HxWxD): 13 x 31 x 23 cm
Weight: 3,8 kg
Outputs: 1x Cinch, 1x digital coaxial, 1x digital optical, 1x XLR
Inputs: 1x Bluetooth preparation, 1x LAN network, 1x USB-A (mass storage, Iphone, Ipad), 1x USB-B (for computer), 2x digital coaxial, 3x digital optical
Colors: Black

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