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Archipel 17ICP white (pair)

Archipel 17ICP white (pair)

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The Archipel 17 ICP is a loudspeaker that fits in the ceiling or in a wall. It’s equipped with a coaxial loudspeaker that consists of a DOM24 pivoting Tweeter and a 17T20 IC Duocell midrange-woofer. Furthermore, the white finish grill is also paintable.

The Archipel range of loudspeakers is designed for perfect integration in ceilings and walls, with no performance compromises. Developed with the same passion that goes into the technical and acoustic design of all Cabasse loudspeakers, the range offers the same presence, high fidelity sound reproduction and user benefits that are to be found in all the company’s products.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

1 x pivoting tweeter DOM24 soft dome

1 x midrange woofer 17T20 IC diaphragm P2C

Cross over point
3500 Hz

Frequency response
48 – 21500 Hz

Sensitivity 1W / 1m
87.5 dB

Nominal impedance
8 ohms

Minimum impedance
8.3 ohms

Power handling
35 W

Peak power
24 x 24 x 9.7 cm

1.3 kg

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