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DA Converter

DA Converter

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Oehlbach digital-to-analog converter, digital coaxial, digital optical input
The oehlbach DA converter of the extra class converts digital signals into analogue audio signals. This high resolution coded signals via a coaxial or optical input. With the help of a switch allows the desired input and the subsequent output is via a 2-channel RCA output. The inside of the device by a high quality Cirrus Logic Chip loss-free conversion from digital to analogue.
The Handy DA converter is suitable for audio sources in PCM format and supports audio signals up to 192 kHz/24 Bit. For power supply, the USB connection or the power supply plug. (Dolby and DTS formats are not supported).

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Highlights & Details
Automatic detection of the sampling rate
Digital optical and coaxial input
Handy and compact design
Almost jitter-free clock recovery
Analogue output via RCA stereo and 3.5 jack
Power supply via 5 V/USB
Up to 192 kHz and 24 bit audio support.

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