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Hyper Profi Opto

Hyper Profi Opto

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Premium HIFI contacts


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Optical digital cable
First-class processed opto digital audio connection fully assembled with two Toslink plugs made of metal. The innovative design of the cable with ultra-fast fiber-optic cables achieved the highest luminous intensity and enables a data transfer rate of 125 Mbps (Megabits per second). The standard for the transmission of multi-channel audio formats via optical Toslink interfaces writes only a transfer rate of 12.8 Mbps!

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Highlights & Details
Gold-plated contacts (24 carat)
Highly flexible cable
4-way shielding
High-durability contacts
Inner conductor material: Fiber-optic cable
Cable sheath: Plastic
Cable geometry: Round
Plug design: Straight
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Oehlbach Hyper Profi Opto Optical digital cable

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