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In Fascenatio

In Fascenatio

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Oehlbach In Fascenatio Headphone stand

In Fascenatio headphone stand Woman white
In Fascenatio, a woman's head is for the first time in Oehlbach's iconic headphone stands. The woman's face shows another facet of pure music enjoyment: Fascination. Whether in black or white – this Oehlbach face is always a decorative, solid storage option for your on-ear / over-ear headphones. They are always within reach. The headband and upholstery are always held in the optimum shape. Each Oehlbach in Fascinatio headphone stand is handmade. Made of solid synthetic resin, it provides plenty of stability to reliably carry even heavier headphones. It is specially designed for the many medium to large headphone models.

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Headphone StandsFor gaming and high-quality hi-fi headphonesMade by handUnique

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