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NF Y-Sub Adapter

NF Y-Sub Adapter

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Premium HIFI contacts


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Cinch(w)/2XCinch 20cmTurn one into two for clean, rich bass and volume: Simply connect the two RCA inputs of a subwoofer with this Y-Adapter RCA (W) to 2x RCA adapter cable from Oehlbach and then connect the RCA cable from the subwoofer output of your receiver. To ensure a good deal of bass from the subwoofer, we have equipped the Y-Cinch adapter with many premium features of modern Hi-Fi technology: a conductor made of high-purity OFC copper on the inside, connectors moulded from full metal at the ends for maximum stable contact and, last but not least, 24 carat gold-plated connectors as a finish. This is pure German Technology from Oehlbach, well thought-out right down to details such as non-slip handles for easy, secure plugging or unplugging of the connection. This 0.2 meter long Oehlbach Y-cable in a special Bordeaux color is a real performance artist with a strong sound character for your audio system.

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