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Power Socket 505

Power Socket 505

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Premium HIFI contacts


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The Oehlbach Powersocket 505 is a high-quality multi-outlet power strip with a solid, brushed aluminum upper shell and black plastic lower part. With the help of the 1.5m long power cable and the total of six individual slots, numerous devices at the central entertainment location can be supplied with power in a stable and secure manner. Thanks to the compact design, the installation of the bar is flexible and unproblematic. The protective contact sockets, which are equipped with a child safety lock, are also arranged at a 45° angle for easy plugging and unplugging. For multimedia devices, smartphones and tablets, the Powersocket 505 also offers two USB charging sockets integrated into the side with a total charging current of up to 2.4 amps. The power strip is switched on and off via an illuminated safety switch.

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