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Ruark Audio BackPack3 Battery-Pack for R1 & MR1

Ruark Audio BackPack3 Battery-Pack for R1 & MR1

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Ruark Audio BackPack3 Battery-Pack for R1 & MR1 It's hard to imagine how Ruark's excellent R1 and MR1 models could be improved, but the English company has now developed an optimised battery pack that allows these products to be used anywhere. The BackPack II transforms the R1 tabletop radio and MR1 wireless speakers into portable

portable, mains-independent devices that can be used wherever there is no mains socket - be it on the terrace, in the garden or on the road. As always, Ruark Audio has not followed convention, because built-in batteries reduce the volume available to the speaker - which can affect the sound. This BackPack II battery pack combines the benefits of mains operation and exible wireless use.

An evolution of the original, the BackPack II fits seamlessly flush against the back of both units and can remain there to be automatically recharged at any time during mains operation.

Depending on the volume, you can expect up to 12 hours of battery life - more than enough for a day at the beach or a barbecue.

To attach the BackPack II, loosen the mains plug on the unit, attach the unit to the back of the R1 or MR1 and tighten it with the included spanner and two screws. The small plug of the battery pack is connected to the main unit. On the underside of the battery box is the adapter connection for mains operation and for recharging. During the charging time, the green LED lights up; it goes out when the battery is fully charged. This new model is more elegant and inconspicuous than the original version and is equipped with the latest lithium-ion technology. The BackPack II brings a breath of fresh air to Ruark's upscale line.

Technical specifications:

Model: BP2
Battery type: Li-Ion
Capacity: 2200mAh / 24.4Wh
Rated power: 11.1VDC
Charging voltage: 14.0VDC
Approx. charging time: 5 hours
Approx. playback time: 12 hrs. (average music at average volume)
Dimensions: W106 x H90 x D21 mm
Weight: 230g

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