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Select Opto Link

Select Opto Link

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Premium HIFI contacts


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Every day we at Oehlbach work on getting as close as possible to the perfect picture
or sound in home entertainment. This is exactly what our customers expect from us
and with the Select Opto Link cable - Toslink to Toslink - we meet these expectations. Highly flexible cables and light that can digitally transmit an incredible amount
of detailed audio information make it possible. We have further refined this optical
fiber in the Oehlbach Opto Link cable with many details for maximum transmission
quality: 24 carat gold-plated Toslink connectors made of full metal with 100% contact area set new standards for optical audio cables.
Connector material solid metal plug
Inner conductor material Fiber-Optic
cable geometry Round
Features 30 years warranty, 24kt gold plated contacts , German

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