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USB Primus CC C-Type C 3.1

USB Primus CC C-Type C 3.1

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Oehlbach USB Primus USB cable 3.1 Gen2 type C connection such as the high speed during data transmission, the strong watt power in the power supply or the versatility of such connections would not want to miss it any more. Oehlbach has now once again paid special tribute to USB-C and developed a state of the art cable with the USB Primus CC, which fully supports the standard. It delivers data speeds of 10 GBit/s and PowerDelivery with 40 Watt performance. The Primus CC builds for loss-free transmissions through and through on maximum quality of all components. This starts with the oxygen-free HPOCC inner conductor, continues with a triple shielding and a long-life flexible fabric sheath and ends with 100% contact security with the gold-plated full metal connections of the 24kt – and this is fully preserved thanks to the clever connection base even with smartphones in the protection case.

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