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XXL Black Connection

XXL Black Connection

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Oehlbach XXL Black Connection Cables, digital RCA

Very exclusive digital-electrical cinch cable with a constant impedance of 75 ohm.
The inner conductor‘s revolutionary design ensures previously unheard of low
intrinsic resistances with extremely high levels of purity. Even the monocrystalline transitions in the cast HPOCC are filled with pure silver during the „Silver Gap
HPOCC“ production process. This produces an almost seamless structure in the
conductor and creates the ideal electrical conditions for the transmission of signals.
Full-metal silicone-pin screw plugs plated with 24-carat gold connect this valuable
inner conductor practically resistance-free to any type of audio component in home
hi-fi or home-cinema systems. The high technical requirements are also satisfied by
the cable‘s exterior: The plugs‘ ex

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