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Klipschorn 75th Anniversary SE Pair

Klipschorn 75th Anniversary SE Pair

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  • Kitose šalyse 100
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Klipsch Klipschorn 75th Anniversary SE A limited run of 75 pairs of the legendary Klipschorn® were created to commemorate Klipsch’s 75th anniversary.

The 75th Anniversary Klipschorn AK6 features a fully enclosed low frequency horn cabinet, offering more placement versatility in the listening room as the enclosure functions as a corner, delivering powerful bass performance and improved imaging. A 1” titanium tweeter and 90° x 40° Tractrix® horn extends the output of high frequencies beyond 20kHz.


Includes commemorative box filled with Klipsch 75th anniversary gear - a true collector's item
Fully enclosed low-frequency horn cabinet
A 1” titanium tweeter 90° x 40° Tractrix® horn
Premium input and wire management system
Unique real wood teak veneers and lambswool grilles
A nostalgic 75th logo on the front of the speaker with a natural 2mm diamond to accentuate the specially designed logo made of sterling silver, hand-applied enamel, and rhodium plating
A commemorative plaque with laser engraved serial number, date, and signature
Designed and Engineered in the USA
Includes 10-Year Warranty

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